Mama diós3

walnut biscuits

I remember helping Gran mixing the eggs and sugar for this recipe:  sitting on the kitchen chair with a big bowl on my lap, a wooden spoon in…


budapest cake

  Based on Maida Heatter’s Budapest Coffee Cake from from her Book of Great Desserts with a few changes. Filling: 100g dark brown sugar 1tbsp cinnamon 1tbsp cocoa…

Classic fruit cake 04

birthday fruit cake

This was a special request bake for the good man’s birthday.  Based on the brilliant Anna Olson’s recipe, with a few changes, it makes two cakes, which is handy…



The traditional Hungarian walnut and poppy seed rolls for Christmas. rising and proving time: 2 hours oven temperature: 200˚C/gas 6 cooking time: 25-30 mins makes: 4 rolls, two…

Garlic square

elephant garlic

membrillo cake

membrillo memories

It’s membrillo cake time again.  I am baking it for the second time.  It brought back floods of memories from the time when I was little and naive…

Quince cheese R

quince cheese

This is quince cheese or membrillo in Spanish.  Here is how I made it. Take  as many quinces as you have at hand (I only had a couple)….



The oaty ginger cake from Yorkshire, traditionally eaten on Guy Fawkes Night.  It’s dense and comforting, goes down well with a cup of coffee or tea on any…

Pumpkin muffins

butternut squash muffins

I have to admit that I have a slight obsession with butternut squash.  Anything savoury or sweet made with the perky orange flesh will find its way onto…



Grandma’s walnut and almond tart.  Recipe translation coming soon.